The COOP’s Chicken

Its taste Lingers on your taste buds

To any chicken enthusiast, no words can possibly describe the sensation of biting into a crispy layer of fried goodness following a juicy chunk of meat that burst in flavors. Just the thought of it summons your saliva right beneath your tongue. Moments like these are what The COOP offers with our highly recognized chicken series. Along with the best of traditional Korean flavors and refined art of cooking, The COOP has invested in extensive research in the past two years to come up with a formula that enhance the taste of our chicken. Our taste lab in California has concocted some of the most delicious sauces that our top grade chicken can relish in.

Here at The COOP we also support a healthy style of eating, which means we use the cleanest and the most organic source of ingredients. Our chicken is from a local farm nearby, they are raised in a free range environment for the least amount of stress, restricted from hormones that promote abnormal growth, and is not contaminated with antibiotics like most corporate farms do. Bottom line, we just want you to have the best!

Grilled Chicken ::¬†Craving some char-grilled flavor? Our famous grilled chicken can hit the spot! Marinated with simple ingredients, our juicy grilled chicken is cooked and served on a sizzling pan that contains all the aroma of the dish until it is right in front of you. Served with Chef J’s special oranges sweet and sour sauce the grilled chicken is one of our staple items here at The COOP.

Fried Wings :: Embellished with your choice of our soy garlic or spicy sauce, our fried wings are crispy and succulent all at the same time. Using a thin layer of batter, our chicken is light and juicy when bitten into. When it’s time for wings, you can say we are the experts.

Whole Fried Chicken :: Want something more than just wings? Why don’t you try our whole fried chicken? Prepared for excellency, our whole fried chicken is cut up to pieces, battered and deep fried to perfection!