The Coop

It is believed that there are two types of art in Korean cooking. One is the “the taste of the mouth,” which is what we savor with our taste buds, and the other is “the taste of the hands,” which is the art of handling the food. The creativity and dedication to creating the combination of these two elements are what makes Korean food to not only drive our taste buds, but our mind and soul. We at The COOP are committed to keeping these traditional formation of cooking so that New York City will have the opportunity for such find dining.

Our restaurant not only provides phenomenal classic Korean flavors, but also offers a venue that people of all groups are welcomed to. We have designed our dining hall to satisfy your taste in food, atmosphere and environment. With a moment’s glance, you can easily see the intricate details put into creating the best experience for any occasion, whether it is a girl’s night out, or a large company party.

We cannot forget about the liquid goods when dining, and here at The COOP we have went above and beyond to construct our extensive wine and spirit collection. Boasting hundreds of bottles from various regions we may leave you indecisive about what to drink next; but have no fear, our expert bartenders are here to recommend the drinks that best fit your food and taste buds.

Nothing creates a better atmosphere than the people in it, and because your atmosphere is super important to us, we house some of the most qualified staff members. From the moment you walk in to the moment you step out, our highly sophisticated and charming staff members meet you above your standards of typical dining.

We value our customers individually and believe that everyone deserves to enjoy iriginality and authenticity. We strive to provide the est ambience, food, and service to create unforgettable moments for each dining experience.