Lunch Mon - Fri

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The COOP Chicken

The Coop Wings 14. (12pc) / 23. (20pc) choice of soy garlic / spicy / half&half

Grilled Whole Chicken 18. / 23. choice of original / sweet & spicy / hot pepper


Lunch Combo 12.

Assorted Bibimbab 12.

Kimchi Fried Rice 10. Stir fried Kimchi and ham. Rice topped with a fried egg

Ramen with Rice ball 9. Korean Ramen with special seaweed rice ball (2 balls of rice)

Spicy Rice Cake 8. Assorted fish cakes, onion, carrot, and rice cakes

Seafood Soft Tofu Soup 10. Vegetable and shrimp, squid soft tofu soup

Kimchi Pasta 12. Spaghetti with a tomato-kimchi sauce

Japchae 12. Korean sweet potato noodle, beef and assorted vegetables

Budae Jjigae 23. Spicy hot pot of kimchi, tofu, ramen, and sausage in a beef broth

Mushroom Casserole 27.Shiitake, enoki , bunapi, wood ear mushroom, beef sliced, Korean vermicelli, vegetables