The Coop

Korean cuisine is not just another type of Asian food but it is an art blending essence of natural environment and rich culture trends together. This is the reason that makes it difficult to find real, arousing aroma of Korean cuisines for New Yorkers.

If you want your senses to be indulge in authentic, soul-satisfying taste of Korean food, The Coop is the destination to walk to.

The Coop is not a regular Korean restaurant in New York City, it is committed to the rich food culture and tradition of Asian country and maintains the same throughout its menu and ambience.

At The Coop, you are served with authentic senses arousing Kimchi Egg Roll, Baby Octopus Croquette, Bulgogi Quesadilla, HanRyu and a high quality Korean chickens, which has develop for more than 2 years. The taste of food is too delicious to take your senses to an eccentric state. With us you will find the finest range of alcoholic beverages suiting your moods.

With lip-smacking food, soul-satisfying wine, you can Eat, Drink, and enjoy at The COOP.